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MTN-6D Plate Viscometer
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Sample injection type: Full automatic analyzer, automatically inject sample.
Mix type: Automatic mix
Sample position: 40 positions
Measure method: International plate type steady-state measuring method.
Blending mode: suck and vomit sample type , samples mixed more evenly.
Liquid level induction: liquid level induction design, adding plasma sample no need to change the original tube
Collision protection function for the probe.
Digital temperature control , rapidly warming up, high precision.
Cleaning: dynamic bi-circulating cleaning design, cleaning the probe’s outside and inside.
Report: Open custom report mode, unlimited report store quantity. Finishing the tests of HCT(hematocrit), FIB(fibrinogen) and Extracorporeal blood clots in synchrony. 36 test and analysis items
Test Model: Automatic and manual double test mode
Shear rate measure time: 3 classes for choice with 10S-1, 80S-1, 150S-1