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MTN-6000Electrolytic Analyzer
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1.Automatic inject sample and standard automatic sampler. 20 samples positions recycled, unlimited add sample; Total carbon dioxide pressure sense, and ion selective eletrode measured directly.
2.Electromagnetic valve control gas and liquid,rinse thoroughly, pipeline concise, not easy blocking. Remove protein liquid automatic processing function timing. Remove the protein adsorption in the pipe. Not blocking and the more stable performance for the electrode . The test results more accurate.
3. Automatic measurement for K, N, Cl, Ca, Li, pH ,CO2 ,and AG
4. Electrode state automatic tracking calibration,to avoid the problem of electrode drift.
5. Measurement the concentration of K,Na, Cl, Ca, Li, pH, TCO2 and AG in serum, plasma, whole blood, cerebrospinal fluid and dilution urine directly. Transparent electrodes cavity, convenient for observation  6.Double parameters and CO2 calibration liquid correction, sample measuring more accurate. 7.Special set control test and control statistics function and easy to use. 8. Special reagent can complete the determination of CO2 , CO2 pressure sensor with satble proformance, long service life. 9. Intelligent free maintenance design: calibration, sample injection, measurement, washing, display and print test reports 10. Sensor touch screen design, operation more convenient.