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MTN-240 Automatic chemistry Analyzer
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System type: automated, random access clinical chemistry system
Colorimetric method: Reaction cuvettes direct measuring
Assay method: End point, kinetics, reaction rate, double points, double wavelengths, Immunological turbidity, double reagent, blank serum, multiple standards; Fully open reagent system allows domestic or imported reagents, toxicological, pharmic and special protein analysis are available.
Throughput: 240 tests per hour, 400 tests per with optional ISE
Sample tray: 49 sample positions, including standard, QC and emergency, 45 refrigerator trays
Reagent probe sensor: automatically detecting the residual reagent, tracing volume changes, and preheating reagent
Reaction cuvette: 120 miniature organic glass cuvettes, with independent stirring mechanism
Alarm: Automatic alarm for un-sufficient reagent, and sample, and display alarm status
Wavelength range: 300 to 800nm (single/double wavelength)
Accuracy: 0.0001Abs, multiple calculation method and allow customer to setup
System calibration: Automatic recording blank test value and deducting, automatic zeroing
Emergency test: allow emergency sample test any time, standard/QC sample is done so
Safety: international standards approved, multiple patented technology adopted, high test accuracy. function alarming, automatic diagnose, and quality control
Printer: multiple print format for choice, or customer modify by himself