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MTN-480 Automatic chemistry Analyzer
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System type: automated, random access clinical chemistry system
Throughput: constant 480 tests per hour (Single and double reagents, excluding ISE)
Assay method: End point, kinetics, Immunological turbidity, Fixed time (double point), and double wavelength
Sample/Reagent: Independent sample needle, reagent needle 1 and 2, capacitive type auto level sensor, and volume tracing function.
Reaction cuvette: 120 miniature organic glass cuvettes automatic cleanout and
Needle cleanout: Sample needle and reagent needle automatic cleanout inside and outside to minimize carry-over pollution
Stirring mechanism: Independent double stirrers ensure automatic fully mixing
Sample tray: 90 positions are available for sample cups or cuvettes
Reagent tray: Standard 90 positions (expandable), R1 and R2 can be set to customers’ desire, optional bar code scanner
Wavelength: 300 to 800nm(single/double wavelength)
Light source: 12V long service life halogen lamp
Resolution: 0.0001Abs
Reagent bin: Reagent bin 1 and 2 is designed separately to increase test efficiency
Reagent system: Fully “open” reagent system
Reagent refrigerator: Reagent bin 1 and reagent bin 2 have independent refrigerator control and offer 24 hours continuous refrigeration