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MTN-658A Semi-auto Chemistry Analyzer
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Cold light source with high luminosity has long service life and strong stability
Wavelengths: 405、505、546、578、620nm
Assay method: endpoint, coefficient, line measurement, absorbency, blank reagent, blank sample etc.
Program control: open programming, storage of 150 test programs, and 1500 test results, human-machine conversation operation panel with hint for program execution, automatic trouble diagnosis for light source and flow system
Test results printout: Real-time test parameters and test reports printout, both Chinese and English test summary report can be print out for each person after batch testing
Resolution: 0.001Abs
Stability: ≤5mAbs/1h
Cross contamination: ≤1%
Repeatability: ≤2mAbs
Absorbance range: 0~3.0Abs
Sample pump: high precision peristaltic pump
Sample volume: adjustable between 100 to 9999ul
Colorimetric cell: flow type
Printer: built-in thermal printer