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MTN-Ⅰ Blood Coagulation Analyzer
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Full open reagent system
Large LCD display, friendly man-machine conversation operation
Photoelectric colorimetry, easy to use, fast and accurate testing
Automated level sensing and intelligent startup testing 
Automated hinting due preheated time
Built-in thermal printer to deliver printout of test report
Imported Silicon battery, good stability, high accuracy

Main test items: PT, APTT, TT, FIB
Test channels: 1, 37℃±0.2℃
Sample warm up positions: 8, 37℃±0.2℃
Reagent warm up positions: 2 
Colorimetric cuvette: micro cuvette Temp.
Control accuracy: 37℃±0.2℃
Calculation function: S, INR, R, g/L
Repeatability: ≤3% with standard Q.C material