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MTN-21 Hematology Analyzer
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● Accurate and reliable test results with good repeatability: It adopts a precision micro sampler, digital filter and blood cell overlapping calibration technology
● Minimum blocking possibility: Powerful positive and negative pressure washing system, and precision hole machining technology minimizes the possibility of blocking
● Easy and simple maintenance: The unit offers periodic hinting for maintenance. Step by step maintenance guidance makes it easier and simpler;
● Cyanide-free reagent available for safe and hard free operation
● Test results output: Built-in thermal printer or optional external printer can be used for print out the test reports

Test items:
WBC, RBC, PCT, LYM#, HCT, MPV, MON#, MCV, PDW, GRA#, MCH, PLCR, LYM%, MCHC, RBC, MON%, RDWSD, WBC, GRA%, RDWCV, PLT, HGB, PLT histograms Large storage capability: 1000 patients record could be stored in the unit, and expandable unlimitedly if connected with computer. Hole diameter: 80um
Display panel: LCD display
Sample volume: 20ul of venous blood, or peripheral blood
Power supply: 110~220V±10%,50~60Hz±1Hz
Power: 100W
Data communication: RS-232 serial port
Ambient temp. 15℃~30℃
Relative humidity: 30%~85%